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Over 250 Pairs of Skates IN STOCK
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Do you, or someone you know need skates? Well then why not get a pair of skates from Astro? Were you even aware that Astro Skates actually sells skates? With over 250 Pairs of Skates IN STOCK, have a complete line of skates for every style available:

  • Jam Skates
  • Artistic Skates
  • Speed Skates
  • Derby Skates
  • Rhythm Skates
  • And More...

And of course we provide a full line of skate accessories. So it you need skate laces or new stops, we can help! Don't see what you like? Contact us for more help.

So remember the next time you are considering a skate purchase, that Astro Skate has everything you need at each of our locations.

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Astro Skate

Astro Skate

Book your Summer Group at Astro Skate! Taking dates now and we provide: skating, transporation and lunch!!